Our headquarters are in Sterling, Ohio, 4045 Horner Street. Come and see for yourself how our team of passionate car experts dedicates their time and their efforts to make your car better. We will do our best to give your vehicle a complete service – from interior trims to engine tune-ups. Rest assured that your car is in good hands and that you will not have to worry about engine failures again.

We can provide excellent diagnostic services which means we can locate the source of the problem instantly. Furthermore, we can service all of the engine components and systems, from regular check-ups to complex rebuilds. Our warehouse is stocked up with car parts of all major producers so you will not waste time waiting for the parts to arrive. Finally, our detailing service will make you feel like you sat in a brand new car after they finish the work on the interior and the exterior of your vehicle.




 Racing Driver 

„I wanted a quick upgrade of my fuel injection system. I could not believe how fast these guys did the job. I am not changing my garage.“




„They have a great team. Every employee is an expert in his field, and they function beautifully as a team. My car never felt better.“




„I heard that they know their business. My friends recommended them to me. Once my car was finished, my jaw dropped. I could not believe how wonderful a job they did.“




„I had trouble to find the right mechanic to sort out the problem on my car. Once I brought my car here, all my problems vanished. The car was ready to drive the next day!“